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FUTURITY: Remember to nominate your litters for the 2016 Futurity. Litters MUST be born BEFORE March 31, 2016 and be nominated BEFORE they are 90-days old. Nomination fee is $20.00 per futurity LITTER.

 MATURITY: All Lhasas from litters nominated for the 2015 Futurity are eligible for the 2016 Maturity, dogs MUST BE nominated by their owners and include the Futurity litter number from 2014. Maturity Nominations are due by March 31st, 2016.  A new form is on the ALAC web site under forms.

Nomination fee is $20.00 PER DOG. Forms can be found here: http://www.lhasaapso.org/forms/ALAC_Futurity_Maturity_Entry%20Form.pdf


A recent question regarding Futurity/Maturity:


Q:  How does Maturity work when you haven't been able to show in Futurity?


A: If the litter wasn’t nominated for Futurity, the dog isn’t eligible for Maturity. If the litter was nominated but not shown in Futurity, the current owner still has the option of nominating for Maturity and showing in Maturity.  The NOMINATION is the important part.


The reason a futurity number from the previous year is needed is to make sure the dog WAS futurity nominated to begin with. The purpose of the Maturity is to view the progress of the individuals from Futurity-nominated litters


Individual dogs need to be nominated by their owner, not the breeder, and are given a Maturity number which includes the Futurity number. Example: 2015-01-M01 -- “2015-01” is the Futurity number and the “M01” is their Maturity number. All puppies from a futurity-nominated litter are eligible for the Maturity the following year and will receive their own Maturity number provided the owner nominates the dog. Applications are due March 31st of 2016 and there is a $20 fee per nominated dog.