2014 ALAC National Specialty

Monday -- Greater Milwaukee Specialty (all files .pdf format)

Tuesday -- 8/21

Wednesday -- 8/22

Thursday -- ALAC Central Regional Specialty

Awards Ceremony

Friday -- American Lhasa Apso Club National Specialty

Makes Lhasa Apso History


Completing her title with consecutive 5-point majors, Ch. Kunza Anticipation at FFT is the first Gompa dog to achieve a Championship. Three of the six Gompas presented at the 2004 National are in Payton's pedigree. She received her first major under Bobbie Wood (pictured) at the Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Specialty, August 23. Payton is bred and owned by Julie Timbers, Kaylee Timbers and Debby Rothman. Whelped September 6, 2012, sired by Kunza Rishi, her dam is Ch. FFT Just My Imagination.

Her majors the following two days were awarded by Kenneth Berg and Eva Berg, long-time Dalmatian breeders. During photos, Julie explained his WD and WB were of native lineage and that we had worked for years to get the lineage AKC registered. He replied, "why would you do that?" Having no idea what his thoughts were, I jumped right in, "genetic diversity and because there was the opportunity to introduce native genes." Talk about serendipity! For decades the Bergs have championed efforts to introduce Low Uric Acid Dals into the AKC studbook. That historic event happened in 2011, the same year the Gompa dogs entered the AKC studbook. Currently there are 8 LUA Dalmatian Champions. Two of those are bred & owned by Mr. and Mrs. Berg.

Payton's historic achievement is so very special. The journey with the Gompa lineage has been challenging - from honoring the heritage, yet perpetuating the gene pool to achieving AKC registration for this native group of Lhasa Apsos. It is an honor a breeder/judge awarded her first major and the other two majors were awarded by judges who have an in-the-trenches idea of what this title represents. Thank you!


Jenna, left,    Ricki at 20 months, right

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