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New Fall 2016 Bulletin is now online! The order form for our unique National Specialty logo items, artwork by the incomparable Mike McCartney from WI is in this issue....do check out the newest President’s Message from Rita, beautiful dogs and big brags!  Subscriptions will be mailed in the next 2 weeks.

Use this link to view the newest articles about the Lhasa Apso, appearing in ShowSight magazine. http://www.showsightmagazine.com/#!digital-issue/cf4j 

 If you aren’t subscribed to the online edition of ShowSight, please subscribe (it’s free).  The feature on the Lhasa Apso runs from page 299-312.  It will take a bit of time to load, so please don’t give up!  ShowSight allows you to set a page range and then save those pages as a PDF, so that you can quickly look it up again without scrolling through the entire magazine.

 Enjoy the photos, commentary, opinions of breeder judges and ads.


More new titles added to the list for 2016!  We now have a MACH 11 (yes folks, that is ELEVEN) Grand Champion Champion Lhasa Apso....what an achievement for Josie and Melissa!

Jenny Drastura has also written three new articles for us:  Reverse Sneezing in the Lhasa (this explains everthing!), Glaucoma in the Lhasa and Heart Murmurs in the Older Lhasa.  As veterinary medicine helps us keep our beloved companions with us for a longer time, some new health issues may be seen.  Read what causes them, and how to help your Lhasa Apso deal with them.

The long awaited ALAC Desk Manual (aka How To Manual for Committees and Chairs) is now available (under Publications and Forms) or here....

Read the amazing narrative of Kathy and Charlie, the hypoglycemic detecting puppy! 

Charlie, The Lhasa Apso Pup Hero: "I want to share an extraordinary story about my puppy, Charlie, who will be 6 months old next week.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m type 1 diabetic and wear an insulin pump. It malfunctioned Thursday night, so I replaced it and went to bed. Every time I fell asleep Charlie would jump on me and wake me up. This went on for a couple of hours ..."  Read More

A new and improved Find A Breeder listing.  If you have puppies or adult Lhasa Apsos for sale, please email Marsha Susag, dmsusag@msn.com to update your listing.  Click on the Find A Breeder menu tab.

 If you need the password and login ID for the Members Only section please email Marsha Susag at dmsusag@msn.com and she will email it to you.