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Attention Judges!

                                     American Lhasa Apso Club (ALAC)
                                  Judges Education Seminar Registration

                Date and Time of Event: Thursday, October 21, 2021
                8:45 – coffee, soda / juice, snacks, and networking
                9:00 to 10:45 -- Seminar Slide Show
                11:00 to noon – Hands-on Workshop

                Place: Boxboro Regency Hotel and Conference Center

                242 Adams Place, Boxborough, MA 01719
                Phone 978-263-8701

                Registration Fee: $25 (Make checks payable to ALAC)

                Please Print
                 State:                                               Zip Code:
                 Home Phone:
                 Cell Phone:

          Please send your registration with payment to Joyce Johanson, 126 W. Kurlene Dr., Macomb, IL
          61455. Make checks payable to ALAC. If you have questions, call 309-837-1665 after 6 PM
          Central Time or email me at

          Ringside mentoring will be available on Friday, October 22 , the day of ALAC's National Specialty.
          If you are able to come earlier in the week, please let me know. Mentors can also be available for
          any of the other specialties being held that week.

          I will not know the name of the seminar room until I arrive at the hotel. Consult the hotel event
          board for seminar room information. Following the seminar, a hands-on workshop will take place in
          the ballroom in the show ring, with debriefing to follow.

          Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Lhasa Apso. I look forward to meeting you
          and helping you understand more about this wonderful breed!

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