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S   = Specialty
      DS = Designated Specialty           UPCOMING EVENTS
      SE = Supported Entry

            Merrimack Lhasa Apso Club                            New Show Secretary for Friday, June 4th Independent
            S, SWPC, JSHW                               Specialty is Dianne Tyree
            June 4, 2021                      
            Judge: Mr. Johnny R Shoemaker, Specialty    Entries close Wednesday, May 19th.
                         Linda Crabill Byrne, Sweepstakes
                                                        Chair: Arna Margolies
            Merrimack Lhasa Apso Club                    781.449.0612
            June 5, 2021                                Crackerbarrel Fairgrounds;
            Judge: Penny DiSiena                        54 Emerald St.
                                                        Wrentham, MA
            Merrimack Lhasa Apso Club                   Superintendent:  Alice Smith
            SE                                          978.356.5693
            June 6, 2021                      
            Ladies Dog Club, Inc
            Judge: Kathi Brown

            Greater Milwaukee Lhasa Apso Club         Washington County Fair WI
            DS                                          3000 Pleasant Valley Rd.
            July 3-4, 2021                              West Bend  WI
            Kettle Moraine Kennel Club                  Superintendent:  Foy Trent
            Judges: July 3  Cindy Stansell              573.687.2101
                    July 4  Robin Stansell    
                                                        We are dedicating our show in memory of Rodney Weed
                                                        who was a longtime member of our club.

            Cascade Lhasa Apso Fanciers of Greater  Chair: Naomi Hanson
            Seattle                                     360.510.2093
            Concurrent Specialty and Sweepstakes        Western Washington Fairgrounds
            Friday, July 9, 2021                        110 9  Ave SW, Puyallup Washington
            Sweepstakes Judge:  Janet Warner            Superintendent:  BaRay Event Services, Inc. –
            Specialty Judge:  Betsy Horn Humer

                                                        Held with the 5-day Western Washington Cluster July 8
                                                        through 12.  Judges, pending AKC approval, are
                                                        July 8, Gig Harbor KC, Bill Lee;
                                                        July 9, Puyallup Valley DFA, (judge change) Chris Levy;
                                                        July 10, Gig Harbor KC, Don Hanson;
                                                        July 11, Seattle KC, Kenneth Berg;
                                                        July 12, Puyallup Valley DFA, Luis Sosa.

            Lhasa Apso Club of Greater Houston          Chair:  Terri Newsom
            S                                           210.885.6907
            Wednesday July 21, 2021                     NRG Arena
                                                        1 Reliant Center Dr
            Judge:  Mr. Ronny Junkins                   Houston, TX
            Sweepstakes Judge:
                                                        Superintendent:  Onofrio Dog Shows, L.L.C.

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